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  • With a subscription you can download the raw data used to make this website charts, both in .CSV or .XLSX (Microsoft Excel) formats;

  • You can choose which columns/fields to download, or download them all at once;

  • You can make an unlimited number of downloads;

  • After purchasing a subscription, just go to the Download data section to download it;

  • If you already have an active subscription, you will have the corresponding days added to it;

  • You can also use the API to access the data via GET requests. The documentation is on the API section

Subscription plans

  • After clicking 'Purchase now', you will be presented with an invoice to be paid via the Lightning Network;

  • You can scan the QR code on the invoice and pay using your phone's wallet;

  • After paying the invoice, please wait a few seconds. You will then be automatically redirected to the subscription confirmation page.

  • Please avoid going back or refreshing the page while you wait.

Period Price in sats Purchase
30 days Just 1,000 sats!
90 days Just 2,750 sats!
360 days Just 10,000 sats!