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Last updated at 2024-05-21 09:48:55 UTC, block height 844423.

NEW Quantity of addresses with balance

The quantity of addresses with balance greater than a certain amount of BTC.

Global Money Supply (M2)

The evolution of the estimated global M2 is presented in USD, local currencies, and as YoY percent changes.

Market Data

Correlations and normalized prices of BTC and assets that relates to it (miners, exchanges, MicroStrategy, gold).

Mayer Multiple

The ratio between the price and its 200 days moving average.

Share of miner revenue from fees

The proportion of fees in respect to the total revenue of a miner per block.

Normalized price aligned by halvings

Price for each halving cycle.

Historical Price

Price since the MtGox era.

Block Size

The progression of block size, measured in bytes, over time.

Miner Revenue

Total miner revenue, which includes block subsidy and fees, in both BTC and USD.

Hash Rate

Estimated total hash rate of the Bitcoin network measured in hashes per second.

Transaction Times

How long, in minutes, each transaction took from the moment it was broadcasted until it was recorded in the blockchain.

Quantity of transactions per block

How many transactions were processed in each mined block.

Transaction Fees

The total fees per vbyte per mined block and for all of the last few transactions.

Market Capitalization

The USD value of all emitted coins over time.


Total input count, total input value in BTC and in USD per block.


Total output count, total output value in BTC and in USD per block


Bitcoin mining difficulty over time, with price overlap.