• We are passionate about all things Bitcoin, and after struggling to obtain some metrics in free services, we decided to generate them ourselves;

  • With our statistical and data analysis background, we developed quite a good number of sophisticated techniques to extract, process, and analyze Bitcoin data directly from our full nodes;

  • After all this work, we perceived it would be a shame to keep this work only to ourselves, so we chose to make it available freely to everyone in this webapp, with beautiful visualizations!

  • We also added the ability to download the raw data in .CSV or .XLSX (Microsoft Excel) formats via a subscription that costs only a few sats;

  • Some technical details: the data is updated hourly and all references to dates and times are in the UTC time zone.


  • Keep adding more data, metrics, charts, and cool visualizations. What else should we add?

  • Show an option to display block heights in the x-axis in addition to dates;

  • Provide the option to have the data indexed by date instead of by block height on the download data page and API;

  • Update the data at every new block, instead of hourly;

  • Provide price data on a per-block basis, instead of the currently daily basis;

  • Develop the blog and the email newsletter.



  • Would you like to buy us a cup of coffee? We appreciate your support!

  • You can send us some sats via the lightning network or on-chain: